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With the warm weather showing it’s face more often, tiny buds waking up from their slumber, and birds chirping their melodic songs each morning, we all know that Spring is in the air! If you’re like me, thankfully, you celebrate the gorgeous weather each time you step outside to start a new day. And if you have a little princess that’s ready to turn one year older, I know you’ll also want to celebrate how she’s blossomed before your very eyes.

Look no further. I’ve stumbled upon a fantastic article at About.com that gives pointers on how to make your daughter feel extra-special on her birthday.

Every little girl loves a party! And why not go all out. Whether she’s into ballet, crafting, or rhinestone-studded everything, with a little questioning and know-how, you can produce the party of your sweetheart’s dreams. Read on to take note of some helpful tips:

Your primary goal is to make the birthday child feel special. A secondary goal is to ensure that everyone has a good time at the birthday party. The children will remember whether they had fun, not whether your house was spotless or whether you carried out your chosen birthday party theme down to the last tiny detail. As far as I’m concerned, a successful birthday party is one in which no one bursts into tears.

The first step in planning a birthday party is to sit down with your child and find out what type of birthday party he or she wants. Then determine if your budget, your creativity, and your energy can deliver that type of birthday party. If not, scale down. Don’t worry that your preschooler is going to want clowns or ponies. You may be pleasantly surprised. For his first “friend” birthday party (i.e. not just the immediate family), my son wanted to go to the play place at a nearby fast food restaurant. When my daughter turned four, she wanted everything to be pink — pink balloons, pink lemonade, pink cupcakes, pink napkins. Both birthday parties were incredibly easy and inexpensive.

You can’t be in two places at once. In birthday party terms, you can’t play musical chairs, cut the cake, and direct traffic to the bathroom at the same time. Enlist one or more “big people” (adults or responsible older children) to help you at the birthday party. If your birthday kid is very young, chances are the parents of your guests will ask if they should stay for the duration of the birthday party. The answer is yes! They can help with games, pour the punch, and take care of minor boo-boos. Just be sure to reward them for their service when you pass out the birthday cake. If you don’t expect any parents to stay, and you can’t talk your best friend into helping, hire one of your regular baby-sitters to help you. It is well worth the investment in terms of stress reduction.

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And don’t forget you have to dress your little one too. Here are a few more Etsy items to make her super cute:

Springtime Fashions

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Springtime Fashions

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Lo and behold: Bridal season is here. Bridezillas everywhere are putting the finishing touches on all the details for the big day they’ve anticipated for years.

But, there’ s one major part of the season every bride-to-be leaves in the hands of family or friends. Yep . . . it’s the beloved bridal shower, where tears, champagne, and naughty lingerie collide. Without a doubt, it’s meant to be an affair to remember. And with that goal in mind, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears must go into organizing a superb bridal affair.

Please note: If the planner doesn’t bleed, the bride will not feel special.

Luckily, I’ve found an article on helium.com. Use this guide as a cheat sheet – it shares a few very valuable tips on serving up a celebration that’s painless. Here’s a peek:

While thinking about a wedding shower you may wonder, who throws this party? When do you plan it? Where should it be held? When should it take place and what to feed your guests? Here are our suggestions for a fabulous Bridal Shower!

A nice description on the history of the Bridal Shower is shared here at Wikipedia. The Bridal Shower is traditionally one of the main duties of the Maid of Honor. Held in her home she is the hostess for this party where the bride to be is the Guest of Honor. The rules of Etiquette are changing and becoming more lax these days, so you may consider sharing these duties with members of the Wedding Party.

Here is some advice when planning a Bridal Shower for the Bride to Be!

* Always consult with the Bride, the groom and families as to how to proceed and what forms of etiquette are important to them.

* When putting together the guest list the Maid of Honor should always consult with the couple as to who to invite.

* It’s also common these days to use an online invitation service to contact and invite your guests, as long as they are internet savvy.

* Never invite people to the bridal Shower that are not invited to the Wedding. This is a etiquette question we get a lot and one we feel all couples and those planning the Shower should stick to.

* When inviting guests and picking a date, consult with the Bride and family. You’ll want to also pay attention to road closures or major sporting events that will make travel more difficult.

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Check out these Etsy items to help you plan that fabulous bridal shower:

Etsy Bridal Shower Picks

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